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Did you know we provide our safety and education programs in towns, cities, community agencies, universities, and colleges across Canada? Contact us to find out how to bring these fantastic programs to your area.

  • Home Alone Safety We developed this program and we are very proud of it. Developed by teachers, EMS staff and social workers; the content covers all your child needs to begin the process of staying home alone safely. Home alone ages vary by province. Each package contains workbooks, a facilitator guide and all required reproducibles to deliver the course in an interactive and fun manner.
  • Child Safe Canada Babysitting A fun filled and comprehensive babysitter training program. This program adheres to the most up to date child care standards in child and youth services. This fun and interactive program ensure facilitating is as fun and easy as the student learning. Make sure your agency is following governing child care standards by choosing this program for the youth in your community.
  • Strangers and Dangers A fun-filled and non-threatening program that teaches children vital personal safety skills. The main focus in this class is assisting children to identify unsafe behaviours in any person. The golden safety rule—do not go anywhere with anyone without permission—is introduced and reinforced with games. Children learn what to do if they're lost, who to seek out if they need assistance, and skills for dealing with luring and bribes. The course is fun and interactive to ensure that children retain their new skills and stay SAFE! Each package contains workbooks and a comprehensive facilitator guide.
  • Internet Safety A safety program to keep kids safe while online. Each year thousands of unsuspecting youth are misled by predators online. Kids now, more than ever, require skills to keep themselves safe while still having the privilege and fun of accessing the net. This course will cover uses and abuses of the net, personal information disclosure, social media, handling emails and forms, cyber bullying, and how to stay safe while surfing. All lessons will be interactive, and students will receive a safety workbook full of valuable information to take home. Each package contains workbooks and a comprehensive facilitator guide.
  • Friendship Builders A fabulous program for communities and schools. Friendship Builders is an interactive, fun-filled program designed to support children in developing and maintaining friendships. The lessons are taught through role playing, games, and stories ( depending up age group). The course will cover common friendship challenges such as making new friends, sharing, problem-solving, and being the friend that you want to have. Each package contains workbooks and a comprehensive facilitator guide.
  • Self Esteem A supportive and fun program designed to assist children in developing and maintaining healthy self-esteem. Lessons covered include negative and positive self-talk, managing peer pressure, self-care, and building confidence in being oneself! Participants will engage in games, role playing, affirmations, crafts, and stories (depending upon age) while quieting negative self-talk. Each package contains workbooks, art boxes, and a comprehensive facilitator guide.

Ordering of materials is available to organizations and companies outside of the Calgary region that meet our delivery standards. To find out more about bringing Child Safe Canada programs to your organization or company, please contact us