About Us

Take a moment and read about who we are, and what our goals are... At Child Safe Canada we care and it shows in everything we do!

Empowering children through safety education

Who We Are

Child Safe Canada is a premier provider of child and adult safety education. Our professional safety educators offer a wealth of valuable knowledge, compassion, and caring to students through private, school, and community-based programs. Child Safe Canada additionally provides first aid training to government, child services, and school board staff within the community. We are committed to injury prevention education everywhere we go!

Our People

Every day, our hundreds of highly educated and trained instructors and volunteers dedicate themselves to protecting children by applying their specialized backgrounds in community and child protective services, social work, education, psychology, emergency medical services, and child/youth studies. Our facilitators are the best, and it shows! When a child leaves a class, parents/guardians know that child has received the highest quality of safety education available, and that counts in an emergency.

COR Certified Health and Safety Program

Child Safe Canada has been awarded a Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships. The COR confirms that our programming meets all provincial standards. Our strong health and safety program ensures a physically and emotionally safe and healthy environment for staff, visitors, and participants. We are the example to follow in high quality and environmentally safe programming.

We employ a thorough and stringent screening process on all instructors and volunteers, requiring police and child welfare clearances, as well as a base minimum of current standard first aid training. Many of our employees far exceed these standards by also carrying first aid instructor, paramedic, or medical designations. You can feel confident knowing that our instructors participate in comprehensive training with our health and safety team prior to teaching.

Our Goal

Our goal is to reduce injuries through the development and delivery of high-quality programs. Each year, thousands of children and youth are victims of preventable drownings, poisonings, suicides, violence, bullying, and other potentially life-threatening incidents. At Child Safe Canada, we are determined to lower these numbers by teaching safety education programs in schools and communities. Share our vision and help spread the message of injury prevention.