Friendship Builders (6 weeks)—Ages 9–13

$175.95 + gst- Includes course fee and workbook

Note: IMPORTANT: ALL VISITORS (parents/guardians/students) MUST WEAR MASKS DURING CHECK IN/OUT. Please bring a pen/pencil Parent/guardian portions (last 15 minutes) of six-week classes are cancelled due to COVID to reduce class size until further notice. During the allotted parent/guardian time students will receive a stress reduction class created by our psychologists, at no extra charge. We are excited to see you at class!

Detailed course description:

Friendship Builders is an interactive, fun-filled program designed to support youth in building and maintaining friendships. The lessons are taught through role playing and group work. The course will cover common barriers to positive friendships such as making new friends, sharing, communicating, problem-solving, joining groups, and developing social skills. Parents/guardians will participate in the program for the final 15 minutes of each class to actively engage in the learning process with their child. We will review the content and set a plan in motion for consistent skill practice throughout the week.

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