Anger Management (6 weeks)—Ages 9–13

$175.95 + gst- Includes program fee and course materials.

Note: Parents are required to return for the last 15 minutes of each class.

Detailed course description:

Dealing with anger can be a challenge. Explosive physical or emotional outbursts may result when a youth can’t access words to express thoughts and feelings. Anger is a healthy emotion, and expressing feelings in creative, positive ways makes life more enjoyable. As youth age, begin school, or become active in community programs, life gets busy, and these demands may generate strong feelings. Throughout the six weeks, participants will engage in activities, discussions, and role playing to explore and practice identifying their own anger triggers, body symptoms, and positive options to express feelings. Parents/guardians will participate in the program for the final 15 minutes of each class to actively engage in the learning process with their child. We will review the content and set a plan in motion for consistent skill practice throughout the week.

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