Strangers and Dangers—Ages 4–8

$39.50 + gst- Includes booklet, and one parent/caregiver per child. NO babies PLEASE!


Detailed course description:

This one-hour fun-filled and non-threatening workshop teaches children and their parents/guardians vital personal safety skills. The main focus in this class is assisting children to identify unsafe behaviours in any person. The golden safety rule—do not go anywhere with anyone without permission—is introduced and reinforced with games. Children learn what to do if they're lost, who to seek out if they need assistance, and skills for dealing with luring and bribes. The course is fun and interactive to ensure that children retain their new skills and stay SAFE! Each student will receive a Strangers and Dangers booklet full of activities and tips for lifelong safety.

RegisterNov 21st 2020 10:10AM - 11:10AMChild Safe Canada-Crowchild & Glenmore Trail South
Bay 102, 6449 Crowchild Trail SW- Lakeview Plaza - Calgary
RegisterNov 29th 2020 10:15AM - 11:15AMONLINE
In the comfort of your own home - Calgary