Child Care First Aid—Red Cross

$130.00 + gst- Includes course,manual and certificate (valid 3 years)

Note: IMPORTANT: Bring peanut-free lunch (only for for full day sessions), indoor shoes (regardless of weather), drink, pen or pencil and note pad. Dress comfortably. Should you require any accommodations for medical reasons, please list under medical notes or contact our office to discuss.

Detailed course description:

Child Care First Aid CPR level B is a course designed for people who care for younger children: parents, nannies, day-home and day-care providers (EXCLUDING schools). In Alberta this course is the requirement for day-care and day-home workers and meets the standards of the Alberta Family & Social Services department.

Note: this course includes CPR B. Course Content:The Emergency Medical Services System , Emergency Action Prinicples, Preparing to Respond, Airway and Breathing Emergencies, Cardiovascular Emergencies/Strokes, CPR/AED Introduction(Automated External Defribillation), Bleeding Management and Shock, Secondary Survey, Preventing of Disease Transmission, Injuries to the Head and Spine, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Sudden Medical Conditions, Poisons, Substance Abuse and Misuse, The Red Cross, Contagious & Non Contagious Medical Conditions, Bleeding and Wounds, Bone and Joint Injuries, Burns and Environmental Injuries, Poisons, Child Abuse and Neglect, Medication, Child-Proofing the Environment, Infection Prevention, Recognizing Signs of Illness.

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